Islamabad – Addressing the seminar organized by the National Rehmatul lil Aalameen Wa Khatamun Nabiyyin Authority (NRKNA), on the occasion of International Islamophobia Day, the speakers said that to fight Islamophobia, the Muslim Ummah needs to make strategies on internal and external fronts.

Addressing the ceremony Chairman of the Authority Mr. Khurshid Ahmad Nadeem said that we have to give the same place to the followers of other religions in our societies which we hope and demand from the western societies. He said that although we live in Pakistan, we are global citizens and our every action has effects all over the world.

Speaking at the event, the chairman of the Islamic Ideological Council, Professor Dr. Qibla Ayaz, said that the history of Islamophobia began with the announcement of Prophethood and the first Islamophobes in this world were Abu Jahl and Abu Lahab. He said that efforts are being made to create doubts in the minds of the young generation by giving a scientific narrative to Islamophobia.

The Chief Guest of the event, Special Secretary of the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, Mr. Muhyiddin Ahmed Wani said that Islamophobia is a psychological disease for which most of the responsibility lies with other people, but some fronts have also been opened by our own people. We need to start a reform movement in Muslim societies as well. He said that the Messenger of Allah established a society whose distinction was the establishment of peace, justice, respect, and harmony.

Speaking at the event, Mr Shafqat Ali Janjua, the head of the National Curriculum Council, said that in order to be aware of Islamophobia, we need to develop our education system and curriculum on better lines and the NCC will work in close collaboration with the NRKNA for bringing the desired change of peace and harmony through education. National Skills University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr Muhammad Mukhtar said that we have to mould our youth in the practical aspects of life.

Well-known journalist and anchor Mr Sabookh Syed, while addressing the event, said that Rehmat Lal Alameen Youth Clubs are being formed in religious madrasas and educational institutions all over Pakistan so that the doubts created in the minds of the new generation can be answered. He said that there is an answer to every question and the answer should be given with reason. Violence, hatred, and boycotts are the symptoms of ignorant societies.

Director Rahmatul lil Aalameen Authority Mr. Suhail Bin Aziz said that the youth should learn media literacy and other arts so that they can deal with the economic and social problems of the present time.

Director General NRKNA Mr. Zafar Mahmood Malik along with faculty members and students of various educational institutions and universities also attended the seminar.